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Joe Cell vs. HHO


An HHO car is a vehicle that is partly powered by water. Did you hear me - partly. I did not say that an HHO car is a water car or one that is powered by 100-percent water, only a small portion of water. HHO of course is what happens when one electrolyzes water (H2O) into its gaseous (HHO) components.

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So, the HHO car uses HHO gas to supplement the gasoline or diesel-powered internal combustion engine. This is not to be confused with the HO car, which is Santa's sleigh or the HOE car, which should be featured on "Pimp My Ride." No, no, the HHO car is partly powered by water, which helps the gasoline burned more cleanly and efficiently that it can do by its dirty old self.

The hydrogen and oxygen from electrolyzed water will flame and combust easily so great care must be taken when creating an HHO car. Goggles, gloves and other safety apparatus needs to be used especially when adding some of the common electrolytes to water to make it more conductive.

Now, I've mentioned that the HHO car is not a 100-percent water car. In addition, the HHO car is not a typical hydrogen car. Many people (hint, hint, I mean you) will confuse these two technologies.

Internal combustion engines that run on hydrogen such as those by BMW, Ford or Mazda use either liquid H2 or compressed hydrogen gas. They do not use water onboard to create this hydrogen, however. Did you hear that? Yeah.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars use compressed H2 gas at 5,000 psi or 10,000 psi plus oxygen from the ambient air. They run this through a fuel cell to create electricity and drive one or more electric motors.

Once again, an HHO car uses very different technology than hydrogen cars. An HHO car is actually a gasoline or diesel vehicle that uses HHO gas as a supplement only. The HHO gas is not the primary fuel.

So, to sum up, the HHO car works. It's not a water car or hydrogen vehicle. It is your vehicle right now with an HHO generator installed upon it that his helping you to save gas and lower the emissions of your fossil fuel spewing beast.

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