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HHO Conversion Plans

On this site, I spend a lot of time talking about HHO generators for cars, trucks and other vehicles. I've even put up a page to talk about HHO kits that one can buy and install without too much hassle or grief.

Now, what I'd like to talk about are the HHO conversion plans that one can purchase cheaply to so that a person such as yourself can build an HHO generator for little money and effort.

If you have cruised the Internet like I have you'll realize that the junk eBooks and bad HHO plans outnumber the quality ones.

So, that's why I've taken it upon myself to put together this page of quality HHO conversion plans that are straight forward, easy to use and don't require a huge time investment.

Recommended HHO Conversion Plans

Centemex RCW is one of the largest players in the marketplace. Users report a better experience with the materials than the Water 4 Gas site listed below. The instructions are clear cut. Plain English HHO generator plans in a straight forward design helps even the automotive novice create a top notch HHO generator. Many even go on to creat the own HHO generator business after reading these plans.

Gas 4 Free offers a top of the line set of HHO conversion plans that are well written, laid out in easy step-by-step format. The directions, charts, diagrams and graphics show exactly what is needed from the local Home Depot or auto supply store to build a quality HHO generator.

Water 4 Gas is one of the original sets of HHO conversion plans that has started all the hoopla. Admittedly the Mason Jar takes away from the seriousness of this set of plans as well as the fact that this has been around for a while. But, if you want the system that many others have replicated this is the original.

Run Auto with Water not only comes with a straight forward set of HHO conversion plans but also a bunch of additional bonuses to help one save extra gas mileage in their cars. As with the other plans listed above it comes with a full 60 day guarantee so there's not worries here if this isn't for you.

The HHO conversion plans listed above work well with cars, trucks and other internal combustion engine vehicles. I've reviewed many sets of HHO plans and have narrowed it down to those listed here.

These are the top-notch HHO conversion plans on the Internet right now. Many plans have come and gone by less than reputable people or companies. But all of these conversion options come with a two month guarantee which is more than anyone will need. Why not get started on your HHO conversion today?

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