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HHO Fuel

HHO fuel is a controversial subject pitting the conservative delayers and deniers against the rest of the right-minded public. HHO fuel goes by several other different names including oxyhydrogen and hydroxy. When used in cars, HHO fuel helps an engine to burn more cleanly, reduce emissions and increase gas mileage much to the chagrin of those who don't understand how it works.

HHO Fuel

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When water (H2O) is electrolyzed it is cracked into its elemental components of hydrogen and oxygen loosely bonded (HHO). This HHO gas is then injected into a vehicle's intake system, where critics will calculate that it won't work despite all evidence to the contrary including third party validation, 50 million road miles of testing, user reports, message boards, and too much scientific methodology to go into here.

HHO fuel is not new as electrolysis of water has been around for years. Yull Brown and William A. Rhodes used HHO fuel in water torches for welding and in contentious patent debates over the Internet (even when one party was deceased). So, Brown may be gone, but Brown's gas lives on much to the grin-less chagrin of one Rhodes left by the roadside in Phoenix somewhere still making a ton of money off this water torch company.

Even the critical types who do believe in the benefits of HHO fuel argue about just how it works. Some say it is because of the ionization of the hydrogen and oxygen bonds. Some say the HHO fuel displaces some gasoline or diesel fuel thus reducing consumption and emissions. Some say no, that's not right, its not the displacement that matters. What matters is the fact that HHO fuel helps gasoline to burn more cleanly and efficiently.

You see a gasoline-powered engine is only about 28-percent efficient in converting energy. HHO fuel, the argument goes, helps to increase this efficiency. Of course a PEM hydrogen fuel cell is about 60 to 80-percent efficient, but that's besides the point. Let's not confuse hydrogen fuel cell cars here with HHO fuel powered cars and this would be heresy.

The point is that HHO fuel is real, it works and it is here to stay. The critics, however, will fade away with the global warming delayers and deniers and those who say we will never put a man on the moon.

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