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HHO Generators

HHO generators were first proven in the welding industry but have now become a hot commodity in the automotive industry as well. HHO generators for cars are built or bought by many who want to save on gas mileage and reduce emissions.

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HHO Generators

Electrolysis of water is the basis for HHO generators that usually also require some electrolyte in order to make the distilled water more conductive to electricity. Sodium hydroxide (NaHO) or Potassium hydroxide (KOH) are two electrolytes commonly used in some hydrogen generators.

A word of caution is due here. Electrolysis of water (H2O) creates hydrogen and oxygen (HHO gas) which is very flammable and combustible so proceed carefully if you decide to build your own HHO unit. Also NaHO and KOH also need to be handled with care using gloves and goggles.

HHO generators for cars, trucks and other vehicle create the oxyhydrogen (sometimes called hydroxyl) gas from water, inject it into the vehicle's intake system where it helps the gasoline or diesel fuel burn more cleanly with less emissions. Fuel mileage is also increased, many time substantially.

Most HHO generators are arranged in a parallel cell or series cell configuration. Some DIY builders have reported disappointing results when using a small single cell with the incorrect mix of electrolyte. Arranging several HHO generators in a series is sometimes needed in order to produce enough oxyhydrogen gas, along with the correct mixture of electrolyte.

HHO generators are endorsed by the National Hydrogen Association and just the companies listed with the NHA have logged over 50 million miles of road use. The NHA also calls them hydrogen fuel injection units.

Now, I would like to just mention the HHO torch used in welding since I have another page devoted to this subject. Names like William A. Rhodes, Yull Brown and Denny Klein have all used an HHO torch with demonstrated success and there are some of these devices currently for sale.

To sum up, whether you're a welder or a driver, HHO generators may just be the clean solution for which you've been looking. Since you can build and HHO generator yourself why not give it a shot? Most people find it is worth their time and very small investment.

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