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HHO Technology

HHO technology is one of the most debated topics when it comes to this how the systems work. On one side of the debate are the critics who simply state that this technology cannot work, despite the fact that HHO generators are running on thousands of vehicles as we speak.

HHO Technology

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On the other end of the spectrum are those who really don't care how HHO technology works or doesn't work as long as it delivers the expect gas savings. This group of people basically want to install HHO kit, (or have a mechanic install it for them) and know how to occasionally maintain it.

Then there is the middle ground group of people who want to know how and why HHO technology works and they want to use it on their own vehicles to save gas. With this said, there are a couple of different explanations on how HHO generators work in cars to save consumers fuel.

The first explanation is that HHO gas helps gasoline (or diesel fuel) burn more cleanly inside the vehicle's cylinders. Hydrogen ignites sooner and at a lower temperature than gasoline, so this helps the fossil fuel to burn more cleanly with less emissions and introduce a small amount of horsepower gain as well.

Advocates of this explanation for why HHO technology works this way in automobiles will cite that gasoline internal combustion engines are only about 28-percent efficient and that HHO gas helps them to increase this efficiency.

There is another companion explanation as to why HHO technology works in fossil fuel burning vehicles. Advocates of this theory say the HHO gas displaces some gasoline or diesel fuel in the cylinders since both HHO gas and gasoline are fuels injected into the cylinder at the same time.

Since two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, some gasoline is displaced with a lower temperature burning HHO gas and thus you have displacement at work. Some people will tell you that both of these theories are at work, while others will cling to one point or the other.

For many, though how HHO technology works is academic. All they know is that when they install an HHO device on their car, it gets better gas mileage, runs smoother and has slightly more horsepower. And, for most this is enough.

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