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HHO Videos

HHO videos can be found on Youtube, Google and other places on the Internet. Just do a search for HHO, HHO generators, HHO car and many results will pop up. This page is filled with my favorite HHO videos from the tons of footage that is out there.

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If I've missed an HHO video that is particularly interesting (I can assure you I haven't looked at them all) please send in the link. I will post the most educational and informative HHO videos that I can find here.

This HHO gas video has been viewed over 227,000 times and concerns oxyhydrogen used in the welding industry. Inventor Denny Klein of Aquygen is featured in this video.

This footage features a John Deere lawnmower powered by HHO gas. It shows the HHO gas being injected into the carburetor of a small internal combustion engine.

This movie has been viewed over 132,000 times and has a five star out of five star ranking by viewers. It features an HHO generator on a car with parts for the device purchased at Wal-Mart. Safety features are also explained at the beginning. It may not be that impressive by current standards, but in August 2007 when it first came out, many people were impressed with it.

Short HHO video of less than one minute set to some R&B music that shows the HHO gas bubbling away. It's a fun little movie to show off how much gas can be produced.

Here is a simple, straightforward short video of an HHO generator running and producing HHO gas while sitting on top of a car's battery with the hood open. The video is a good demonstration of what one can expect from an HHO generator properly installed and working.

This footage is of the Gorilla system for large and light trucks showing the HHO generator at work. There some fun music with it and you can see the bubbling action at work.

This movie shows an oxyhydrogen cell running on a 1991 Ford F-150 truck. The HHO generator is a glass jar with electrolysis unit inside and shows off the bubbling action.

This video shows an HHO generator made from PVC pipe purchased from Home Depot. The electrolysis unit is made from steel plates separated by metal washers.

This movie shows an HHO cell exploding. The lesson here is that HHO gas is very combustible and flammable and great care needs to be taken when handling not only the HHO gas but any electrolyte that is added to the water to make it more conductive to electricity. These guys got lucky that no one was hurt in this explosion.

This video stops and starts a lot but the text with the video is a good primer on why you want a bubbler as a flashback arrestor, which is an important safety feature when installing any HHO generator. When installing an HHO generator a flashback arrestor is highly recommended in order to prevent explosion.

These are my top 10 HHO videos of many I have looked at online. This of course is not an all inclusive list since there are literally thousands of HHO videos now online. If you have an HHO video that you think needs to be added to this list, please send in the link. I'm always willing to check out quality video.

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